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Strong Business Boost

Here to support a thriving small business community

We help the business owner who wants more time to run their business. 



Full spectrum

You need it ALL!

Financial and Payroll software, a Website, Social Media accounts, Light Marketing, Human Resource services.  

You chose the level of engagment

Do you need Simple Bookkeeping Support? 

Getting Payroll Set Up? 

A Website? 

Marketing Material? 

The Socials? 

We help balance the administrative chaos

Keeping it as simple as possible to help manage your business! Most if not all services can be managed with a smart phone and text messaging

Let us handle the admin stuff! 

We’re here to help you be as busy as you want to be


Years of Experience


Qualified Experts


Media Platforms


Plan Options


A thriving small business community is the backbone of America...

and our passion

Founded in the inland northwest, by experienced business operators, we know the struggle that comes with small business ownership. We have felt the pull of the conflicting priorities and needs that come from just trying to “keep the lights on” day to day.  We created Business Boost to take away the worry and stress of managing and maintaining your digital-public-facing image.  As a not-for-profit-driven company, we are here to take your public visibility to the next level and off your shoulders.

We offer a super affordable visibility strategy for every sort of business.  We want visitors to find you right away when they are looking for the products or services that you specialize in.

We take the time to learn what you are passionate about, and how you want to be seen and then we help you daily to make sure everything that points to your business online is accurate, up-to-date, and intriguing.

The only thing you need to make this happen is your smartphone, 1 hour up front and about 2 minutes per day to have the active and interactive digital presence you never thought you could have.  Let us help your business be seen and boosted!


Want to change your hours, update your service menu, or tell customers about a sale or special you are running?  We can do that!  We will make the updates on your website, Yelp profile, and Google business pages, alert your Facebook and Instagram followers and share them with local social media groups. 


Want people to know about new team members, your “about me” info or just maintain an active social media life?  We can do that!  We will publish LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Lemon8 and even BeReals, it is totally up to you. 

You send us 1 item per day that you want to feature (if you forget, we will text you!) via your smart device and we take it from there.  Our whole purpose is to make it as economical, fast, and easy for you to drive as much business as possible through your doors.


You started your business with the vision of being terrifically successful, let us help you be as busy as you can possibly be!



What people are saying

“I'm tired of visiting new places and not finding the best options to eat because they have no online visibilty."

Tim B.
RV Nomad-national traveler



Let’s Work Together

Spokane, WA

Tel: 509-800-7161

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